Men & Women


It’s no secret that our culture does a bad job of equipping men to be men. Many men need help being the husbands, fathers, leaders and protectors that God calls them to be. Matter of fact, many men need help doing things like dressing well, or getting a date, or changing a tire.

Our men’s ministry provides help, with biblical teaching, yes … but also with fellowship with fathers and brothers in the faith. You can’t learn to be a man in a vacuum. You need to rub shoulders with other godly men. Our monthly Men’s Nights let you do just that. Plus there’s really good meat. Plus you can go deeper with our men’s prayer groups.

Being a woman in twenty-first century America, whether you’re a wife, a mother, a homemaker, a professional, whatever … it’s a cinch!

Or maybe not so much. But that’s why our Women’s Ministry aims to strengthen you in the Lord. Our monthly Women’s Night includes plenty of encouragement, and fellowship (and even better food than the men). Plus we have Play and Pray on Friday for moms who want a break for some bible time with other moms. And you can be part of our women’s prayer and accountability groups as well.