The Round Table


The Round Table is a fun night for the whole family, combining the three Cs …

Conversation, Comedy, and Christ!

The first Sunday evening of each month, our pastors and leaders put on a show! It combines deep biblical teaching on big questions such as “Why trust the Bible?” or “Why do bad things happen to good people?” with comedy skits, music, sound effects, anything we can do to make a fun evening your whole family will enjoy.


Your whole family will enjoy it.

Well. Maybe not the nursery age kids. We have nursery care for them.

But we have testimonials from men, women, little kids, and ACTUAL TEENAGERS that it was fun, and even (dare we say it) pretty cool. But most importantly, we honor the word of God and try to go deep in ways that are accessible to all.

We also provide followup questions for parents to discuss with their kids, and we hit the same topic throughout the month in our men’s and women’s ministries, and children/youth ministries.

It’s our way of giving our church something to chew on together as a body. We hope you’ll check it out.


Don't miss it!

The Round Table takes place at 7pm on the first Sunday of every month during the school year. Join us at the Dunigan YMCA for a great time!