Who We Are

We are a church for real people. We know that it’s really easy for church to become fake. With fake cheerfulness. Or puritanical moralism. Or socially acceptable “brokenness.” Anything to avoid admitting we’re real sinners. But that doesn’t work. It doesn’t honor God. It doesn’t offer real hope. And so it doesn’t help.

Church should never be a place you go to medicate yourself. Jesus purchased His Church with His own blood. He has called us to be a family of redeemed and forgiven sinners, adopted into God’s Family. And as that family of brothers and sisters, we walk hand-in-hand as we strive to become holy as our Father in heaven is holy.

Our King has come. He is building a Kingdom. We want to be part of that Kingdom and build it with Him. For all of greater Evansville. For all of life.

That’s the aim. That’s the goal. That’s who we are. And to that end, we strive to be:

To be real and transparent about our burdens, sins, and struggles.

To meet all challenges with boldness and humility, truth and love.

To walk with one another on the road to becoming the people God has created us to be.

To deal with real issues that real people face, every day—no matter how controversial. If the Bible addresses it, we do, too.